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From: bob lilly
Subject: Gay School Days part 1This story has sexual content and you must be of legal age in your country
to read 2 girls teach sex it. It involves sex between teen-age boys at an english boarding
school. If you don't want to read about that then just delete it unread.
The writer takes no responsibility for your actions.This is my first try at a story for nifty. Please don't be too discouraging
in any comments to lillyman1excite.com
GAY SCHOOL DAZE part 1He thought back, replaying episodes from the match in his mind. One good
slip catch. He was proud of that. And three of his overs were pretty
good. ...at any event two for seventeen off eight was good enough for porn videos 46 movies him
to keep his place. Might make the first team next month. The luke warm
water splashed down over his non-nude 12 girl naked body as he washed away the afternoon's
exertions.The door of his shower-stall opened.'Mind if I join you. All the others are taken.'It was Dawkins. Godolphin looked at his naked body as, smiling, he stood
in the doorway. Suddenly, inexplicably, he felt a constriction in his
chest, and his heart was beating as if he were running up to bowl. Dawkins
was so handsome. His body so fine. His skin so smooth and tanned. His
smiling face so lovely. Godolphin could say nothing. Tongue tied. Nothing
like this had ever happened to him before.Dawkins closed the cubicle door without touching the occupant, and bent
down to pick up a spare bar of soap. Godolphin looked enthralled, at the
young buttocks, so smooth and firm, and the dark, secret place between
them. He felt his own cock hardening, unbidden and untouched.. Still his
heart beat, so loud he thought Dawkins must hear it. Moving under the jet
of water, Dawkins accidently brushed his thigh against Godolphin's.
Godolphin felt the brief, soft contact like a shot of lightning through
him, flinched and thought his heart would SEX DOG PORN T8BE burst.His cock was erect now, and
to cover his embarassment he turned away, to face the wall. He could hear
Dawkins soaping himself down under the jet of water, which still splashed
partly on him. How he longed to turn round and look!And then he felt Dawkins palms on his body, rubbing soap into the skin of
his back and shoulders. 27 bathroom vanity Round and round the fingers massaged him. He 16 yo girl flexed
his shoulders with the sensuous pleasure. He heard Dawkins sigh as he did
so.'Rub mine, would you, Godolphin. It's difficult to reach, and the muscles
are quite sore after bowling.' Holding Godolphin by the shoulders he gently
spun him round, and continued massaging his back , reaching round
him. Godolphin was erect, thoroughly aroused, and as he reached round the
lithe, tanned body of his team-mate....he saw Dawkins was hard , too.They stood facing each other, not touching chests or stomachs, but managing
to soap each others' backs. Godolphin felt his cock touch his
team-mate's...who laughed. More a giggle, perhaps, than a laugh. He was
smiling. Meanfully, perhaps. Godolphin was still in a daze, coming to terms
with a dawning awareness of his sexuality. Now Dawkins was soaping lower
down, round the waist. And now both hands on the slim buttocks, working the
soap round and round.'Mine too.' He whispered. As Godolphin placed his open palms on the boy's
buttocks, he felt one of Dawkins' hands rubbing soap into the crease
between his arsecheeks. He moved his hands rhythmically, as if in a dream,
over his partner's buttocks, and dared, himself, to feel for the secret
rose between the buttocks. Dawkins pulled the two of them together, until
their chests, bellies, and thighs touched under the water jet, and they
embraced, still feeling each other's bottoms.Godolphin felt a sudden urge to kiss that silent, smiling face so close to
him. He suppressed it. But he was sure Dawkins could feel his heart
pounding.'I know what you need,' whispered Dawkins, his voice hoarse and deeper. And
he knelt in front of 2 girls teach sex Godolphin, who suddenly felt his hard cock engulfed in
the warm soft mouth. He closed his eyes, and stood motionless as the mouth
gobbled at his free 80 s porn cock, sucking it in and expelling it, only to suck it in
again. He was in ecstacy. The probing hands were still holding him close,
to the boy's head now, and feeling into the arse-crease. A soapy finger was
tapping lightly at his secret hole....he was lost in pleasure. And then,
slowly, so slowly and gently, he felt the finger penetrate his anus, rest,
and partly withdraw, only to re-insert.As he was sucked, and anally masturbated, he opened his eyes and looked
down at the kneeling boy. With a sudden tenderness, he reached down and
took the tousled, wet hair in his hands, supporting the boy's head as he
gobbled on the cock.In sudden panic, he realised he was going to come. Surely Dawkins wouldn't
want his come in his mouth. He tried to pull way. 'I'm going to come!' he
said, too loudly tiny 16 small xxx to be discrete. But for reply Dawkins merely moved his
fingers, for now he had two in the back passage, moved them faster, and
sucked and gobbled harder.Godolphin came, and all was swallowed.Dawkins got up. 'That was good. Now something for me! Something very good.''Did you swallow it?''Yes...I love it. Haven't you tried?'Godolphin shook his head.'Well. Next time you wank, taste it. It's good! But you haven't got very
much yet!' As he spoke, Dawkins turned the docile lad round and pressed
against his back. Godolphin could feel the cock of the boy probing and
pushing where lately his fingers had worked. It was exciting and he ground
his buttocks into the belly and thighs as Dawkins reached round to pull him
back hard, tweaking his nipples gently, till they became hard cuties 12 yo sexy with passion.'May hurt for a second. But only a second.' And Godolphin felt the knob
enter, and then the whole, soapy shaft slide in, until the light fuzz of
pubic hair was up against his buttocks.'Doesn't hurt! Feels good!' As he whispered. Dawkins moved in and out,
grasping the lad's hips. He groaned his pleasure, and Godolphin felt so
tender to him he could have 16th air assault uk cried. But he didn't. And in seconds Dawkins
came. Godolphin could feel the added urgency of his strokes as the orgasm
filled his body, and then the cock moving even more freely with the
lubrication of his spunk.'Can I do you now?' He was hard again.'Better not....Joubert will be doing his rounds. I'd better get out and dry
off. Tonight! Come to my bed after lights out. I'll stay awake and wait!'
He opened the door and was away.Godolphin sank to the floor, as if exhausted. His mind was in turmoil. His
heart had stilled, but he grappled with his new knowledge. Was he gay? He
thought he was in 27 bathroom vanity
love with Dawkins. He wanted him! He wanted to make love
with him. More. More! As he sat there, under the water spray, his cock,
hard, peeped from his thighs, and absent-mindedly he wanked it. He closed
his eyes and re-visited the sights of the afternoon. The tanned body. The
springy cock, smaller than his own, but lovely! The smiling, inviting
face....and the lips around his shaft. The feel of real 11yo sex porn
a cock deep, deep inside
him. Before coming he opened his eyes.Shock! Horror! Joubert was standing ther, feet apart. Godolphin
stuttered...couldn't find anything to say. He looked at the athletic calves
and thighs, light blonde hair, but lots of it. And the white cotton
singlet...muscular arms and the pectoral muscles firm under it. 14yr bukkake
clear through the cotton. But mostly, the shape of the cock under his tight
, white shorts. He could see the Blowjob 2 girls knob and shaft so clearly...as if Mosieur
Joubert had a hard-on too.'Nothing to say, eh?' The french accent was thick. 'Well, perhaps this will
cool you down. Count of ten!' And the Assistant reached over and turned the
shower mixer to cold. He counted, littl tgp 14
slowly, as the boy leapt up and pranced
about under the pain of the cold water. His erection was the first
casualty, and as he jumped up and down in agony his cock bobbed around.Joubert had got wet as he reached under the shower, and his shorts became
transparant For all his agony, Godolphin could see 3m breast tape the young man had a hard
on. And more to the point, he had a fine, large cock, with a big red knob.At the count of ten, Joubert left the cubicle, saying over his
shoulder. 'Less play! Now get dried and dressed!'Godolphin had slept fitfully through the night, his intermittant sleep
filled with 24x7 porn movies
visions of cocks and bottoms, and the face and figure of
Dawkins, his first lover. Joubert, and several other of the boys in his
dorm were there too. He had been hard all night, but had been unwilling to
relieve that state because of the promise.Dawkins had suggested they get up with the dawn. So much better if we can
see each other, he'd said. But this had meant an eternity of waiting, till
the first grey light of a summer's morning and the sound of the dawn chorus
released him from his vigil.Naked, he crept on tip-toes across the Dorm, between the rows of sleeping
bodies. Some of the boys had thrown of their sheets in the warm, muggy
night, and their limbs were sexy in the half light. As he passed
Siriwardine's bed, the slim black boy turned over on his belly, revealing
the most lovely bottom. He was murmuring to himself, and Godolphin could
make out some of the words....'Oh! Yes!.....Freddy...That's good!
.....Lovely...Right in you.....Oh, Yes....' The boy stirred, and rolled
over. He was well erect! As was Godolphin , his cock waving in front of
him as he covered the last few feet to Dawkin's bed.Dawkins was awake, and as he saw the boy approach, he threw off the sheet,
and lay there naked. 14 yr old nude
Godolphin could take in little except the springy
cock, standing out of the light bush of brown hair. As he lay on the bed,
half on-top of the reclining boy, the bedsprings creaked, epiphone 335 alarmingly.'Sh!' whispered Dawkins, soft, right into the boy's ear.'It tickles when you whisper like that!''We'd better. Someone might wake up.'Godolphin lifted himself, and now lay fully on top of his porn videos 46 movies friend. aw4 jeep trans
cocks pressed against each other. 'I want your bottom this 1940 lube equipment
time. I've been
thinking about it all night.' He had now arranged his cock so it was under
the boy's body, pressing up against the hard muscle between balls and anus.'I'd like that, too. But this bed is too noisy. We'll have to wank. Let's
go for a walk after chapel. I now a place where we can....where you can...'Godolphin rolled off. aw4 jeep trans Again the creaking bedspring, confirming Dawkins'
fears. They lay side by side, feeling and fondling each other. Both boys
were still very smooth-skinned, and both with the slimness off active
teens. Dawkins held his cock, his fist round the 16 yo pics sex base, while Godolphin's
was untouched, as he lay with 14 yr old nude one leg over Dawkin's. With a sudden
tenderness, Godolphin leaned over and kissed the reclining youth. A hand on
his chest and shoulder, the other round his neck, he hung on his lips like
the lover he was. Dawkins 15 puberty reciprocated, and their tongues touched, as their
lips pressed harder and harder together. They kissed for perhaps five
minutes, Godolphin playing with Dawkin's nipples and running his hand
through the short, curly hair, while Dawkins wanked his own cock, and
fondled 27 bathroom vanity 3m breast tape Godolphin's smooth belly and thighs. Dawkins, just slightly more
experienced, knew Godolphin was likely to come off too soon if he took the
pleasure of feeling and jerking that desirable prick.There they lay, the blackbird singing, caressing, whispering, oh so softly,
enjoying these first moments of boyish love.Godolphin had forgotten everything in the new pleasures. But Dawkins, more
sensible and that much more experienced, knew they hadn't got long before
they would have to part, temporarily, or risk discovery. And they knew how
hard the other boys could be on 24x7 porn movies 'Aunt-Maries', however much they each
secretly wished they could have some of that forbidden cock-fun.Dawkins knelt up over Godolphin and whispered, 'We'll have to finish. And
you'll have to get back across the Dorm before anyone wakes up.' As he
spoke he was wanking his cock, and ls magazine 16 excited as he was his come soon splashed
over the hand, cock and belly of his partner. The come, dripping over his
cock, lubricated Godolphin, and Dawkins watched the hand move fast up and
down the shaft, until with a moan, and arching his hips, so desirable,
upwards, he came, his come mingling with the other on his hands and belly.Remembering their first encounter, and Dawkins pleasure in the taste of
come, Godolphin raised his palm to his mouth and licked it. The come was
intermingled he knew....but he couldn't tell whose was whose. It was
salt. Not sticky, but thickly slippery. He licked his hand clean, and while
Dawkins still knelt over him, took a heavy dollop off 3gp arab sex his tummy and
swallowed that too. 'Let me....' he said, and leaned up to lick the oozing
come from Dawkins still-erect cock. Soon all traces of come were gone, and
reluctantly Dawkins had to push his partner away.'Best get back now. This afternoon.' They kissed briefly. And Godolphin
tiptoed back to his bed. Still the stiff cock waved in front with every
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